Season to Journal


Photographer: Fabrizio Pece

Photo used with permission: © Fabrizio Pece

The word ‘journal’ is derived from the French word ‘jour’ meaning ‘day.’ Originally journals recorded daily events, such as weather updates.  Sailors used journals to describe the progress of their ‘journey.’ Eventually, journals were used by people to record their personal experience of their journey through life.

Season to Journal is an invitation to try the art of journaling. There are countless approaches to journaling.  Once I begin to facilitate Journal to Self Workshops I trust participants will experience the amazing personal insights that many others worldwide testify to.

Meanwhile, this site fosters the art of keeping a Spiritual Journal. Activities encourage readers to set aside just 10 minutes at a time. Spend the first 5 minutes slowly reading the scripture, followed by 5 minutes of writing whatever words flow from your pen or keyboard.

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