A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.

a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted

Ecclesiastes 3:2


In the late 1800’s, the Neuman family immigrated from England to the fledgeling colony of South Australia. Following a tough beginning, including the loss of their son on the voyage, they eventually took a significant business risk. When they established a plant nursery in a remote area on the outskirts of the city,  many considered it madness. Yet it was a huge success, attracting customers from all over Adelaide to purchase plants.

I hiked into the area recently to view the old ruins of the homestead. Isolated tracks such as Perseverance Rd and Torture Hill reflect the challenging setting. In the remote location, I found it difficult to imagine a thriving business. And then I noticed clusters of tiny orchids growing amidst the native flora, seeded from plants of previous generations.


In 1912 a major flood ruined much of the nursery and over the next few decades, the land was used as a dairy and then for sheep grazing. The final devastation came in 1985 when the buildings were destroyed by bushfires.

Despite the tragedies, Newman’s Nursery is still a thriving business, in a new location closer to the main road.

Have you ever taken a risk? Did it result in new seeds? Or not?


Take 5 minutes and write your reflections.