Heysen (End to End 14) Walk 3

Section 3 –  Tapannappa to Balquidder

To avoid walking a loop, end to end walkers park their cars at the end of the trail and travel by coach to the beginning. The walk ends when we arrive back at the cars. Walk 3 usually begins at Tapanappa, and hikers enjoy spectacular views of Tunkalilla Beach. A picturesque walk through dense bushland is followed by a steep descent to Boat Harbor Beach. The very testing 4km walk along Tunkalilla Beach is followed by an unbelievably steep climb up to Balquidder.  (Friends of the Heysen web)

However, End to End 14 has a very different story for Walk 3. A special reverse expedition! Balquidder to Tapannappa…

The bus missed the turn and got bogged. Next, the replacement bus got lost, so the leaders suggested we walk in reverse. Everybody took it in their stride 🙂 and in the end what a great walk we had. Everyone handled the steepest section of the Heysen so very well.  Just a few muddy and bruised bums and one Leader (we won’t mention names) with a bit of a sore leg which will be right in a week or so.

And how very lucky were we to have that firm sand to walk along? Added to that, the company of a seal and a large pod of dolphins for good measure.  Kudos to those who picked up a bit of rubbish washed up on the beach to make that lovely beach cleaner for E2E14 being there.

At the end of the beach walk, we had the lightest sprinkling of rain to cool us down before descending to a truly beautiful Boat Harbor Beach. There we bathed in warm sunlight, as we sat on green grass, eating lunch, gazing at the beautiful blue sea. We finished up with a pretty bush walk with lovely views down the valley.

Yet another Heysen leg along with that Heysen steepest hill checked off the list. All in all a day very well spent.

Mark  F- Group leader

(Excerpt from group email)

coming down - Christie_2

Along the fence and down the hill. Photo by Christie



Down the Fence

Down the slippery slope. Photo by Cathy

up the hill

This is the direction end to enders usually take – Up! This is Mark walking a few days earlier.                                            Photo by Mark Scicluna

Christie – WOW, just wow! Sunday’s walk took us from Hillside to Tunkalilla Beach to Boat Harbour to Tapanappa camp. Thanks, group leaders for this amazing opportunity, although a backwards trek today. I for one can say I’m VERY grateful. Grateful for amazing weather, scenery and good company.

Cathy – A day that turned out well considering the slow start. Fortunate with the weather and rewarded by magnificent views. Thanks to everyone for their patience and positive attitude.

Mark H – What a fantastic walk we enjoyed today made possible by our wonderful team of walk leaders. They deserve warm thanks once again for their organization and flexibility. We are all very lucky to have them.

creek crossing

Over the stones, through the creek. Photo by Mark Scicluna



A pod of dolphins. Photo by Mark Scicluna