Heysen (End to End 14) Walk 5

Section 5: Waitpinga to Tugwell Road

Walk 5 of 60  Distance: 17 km of  1200 km
Walked 74 km to date

We hiked through one of the most spectacular sections of the Heysen Trail. With a beautiful sunny day for the first day of Spring it didn’t disappoint. We had a wet start when we checked in at Investigator College but that was short lived and by the time we regrouped at the start of the trail the sun was shining.


Amazing views of Newland Head and West Island greeted us we reached our first break. We were there for barely a minute before a keen eyed @Alan Steele spotted a whale breaching in the waters off Newland Head. We will have a truly awesome memory of that magnificent show. It breeched and splashed  for several minutes before heading East towards The Bluff.


Photo by Mark S

Post by Alan: My most enjoyable days walk on the Heysen Trail. After a strong shower as we left it cleared to a perfect day for our walk along the Waitpinga Cliffs. Stopped for our morning tea break and I spotted a whale breaching near West Island, which continued for a good 10 minutes. Such a great walk supplemented by the many plants coming into flower, together with many new friendships in our walking mob!


Photo by Ben K






Bearded dragon.jpg

Bearded Dragon Photo by Mark S

Being the first day of Spring everything was in flower including spectacular Xanthorrhoeas (Yakkas). Some were as tall as 4 or 5 metres, and could be as old as 200 to 300 years old!


Flowering Xanthorrhoea (Yakka/Grass Trees) Photo by Mark S


Photo by Olga V

Post by Olga – A very scenic walk along the coastal cliffs from Waitpinga to Tugwell road. Thanks to the leaders!

Post by Naomi – Goodbye sand, sea & south coast!

Post by Mark S – Thanks to all of the leaders, our support driver Ken and to everyone that helped to make it such a great day!

Comments also taken from Mark F email and  Friends of Heysen